Andrii HALAI

Andrii HALAI

Head of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine, Head of the Board

Andrii Halai –  LLM, Dr. of the Law Sciences, Prof.

Around 20 years of teaching and providing scientific and government practice. 10 years experience of managing law departments of national higher-educational institutions in Ukraine.

Engaged in legal clinical education since 1999, founded 5 legal clinics mainly in higher-educational institutions of law enforcement, contributed to the institutional development of legal clinics of all higher-educational institutions of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Coach of legal clinical activity, co-author of National Instrument of LCs Activities Evaluation (2017), Standards of legal clinic’s activity in Ukraine (2014) and National order of the legal clinic in higher-educational institution in Ukraine (2006).

Specializations in legal clinical activities: management of legal clinics, educational components of legal clinical education, specialized legal clinics, street law as a type of legal clinic.

Mr. Andrii has more than 270 publications of which over 100 are about legal clinic’s activity.

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Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine Board Member

Yuliia Matveeva – Member of the board of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine. Engaged in legal clinical activity from 2002 as a curator and Head of Legal Clinic of National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

Co-author of training course «Legal Practice» to prepare students to work in a legal clinic. Initiated inclusion of the course to the curriculum for Bachelors of Law as optional subject.

Co-author of Standards of legal clinic’s activity in Ukraine.

Expert and trainer in programs on rule of law and human rights created by OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine, International Renaissance Fundation, Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine.

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Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine Board Member

Lomzhets Julia Viktorovna, Head of the Legal Clinic of the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, Associate Professor of the Department of Maritime and Economic Law, Candidate of Political Science, Associate Professor. Has fifteen years of teaching and scientific activity.

Member of the Board of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine. Involved in legal clinical movement since 2013. Participates in the work of the Mykolayiv City Council Working Group on the preparation of proposals for the creation of a specialized institution for the provision of free legal aid in the city of Mykolayiv. One of the developers of the Quality Assesment Instrument for Legal Clinics and ALCU Strategic Development Plan for 2018-2020.

Specialization in the activity of legal clinics: legal regulation of the activity of legal clinics, the organization of the work of the legal clinic, educational components of legal clinical education, a system for assessing the quality of the activities of legal clinics.




Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine Board Member

Mariia Tsypiashchuk – master of Law, teacher, member of the  Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine Board since 2016.

Engaged in legal clinical activity from 2004. Initially as a consultant of Legal Clinic «Pro Bono» of the National University of Ostroh Academy, from 2009 – as a Head of Legal Clinic. Participant and winner of the National Olympiad of legal clinics in Ukraine (2009). Participated in International Brown-Mosten competitions advising clients (2009 – as a participant; 2011, 2015,2018 – as a trainer, national representative). Organizer of National Olympiad in 2015, 2016, 2017.

In addition to activities in the legal clinic is engaged in teaching and human rights legal practice.

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Vitalii YELOV

Vitalii YELOV

Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine Honoured Board Advisor

Yelov Vitaliy Andriyovych – Head of Legal Clinic “Ad Astra” of the Lesia Ukrainka Eastern European National University, lawyer, regional coordinator of the Ombudsman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for Human Rights in the Volyn region.

In 1979 he graduated from Ivan Franko Lviv State University. He trained at the International Summer School for Human Rights (September, 2003, Warsaw-Mzdeshin). Has twenty years of teaching experience, thirty nine years of practice in the field of law.

Vitalii is the founder and permanent leader of the  Law Clinic “Ad Astra” of the Lesya Ukrainka SNU (since 1999), the founder and member of the Board of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine (since 2003). He was the chairman of ALCU in the period from March 2013 to February 2016.

Trainer of Legal Clinical Movement. Coach-Moderator of the Free Legal Aid System. National Coach of the Council of Europe and the European Union on Discrimination.

As a trainer of the clinical movement, participated in conducting 9 all-Ukrainian schools for teachers and organizers of legal clinics of Ukraine, in particular: July 2004 (Lutsk); April 2005 (Lutsk); September 2005 (Lutsk); February-March 2006 (Lutsk); September 2006 (Lutsk); February 2007 (Lutsk); November 2007 (Lutsk); October 2009 (Lutsk); April 2014 (Lviv).

Also, as a trainer participated in international conferences and schools for legal clinical education, in particular, the International Conference “Problems and Prospects in Legal Clinical Education in the CIS Countries” (November 9-11, 2001, Moscow), a 10-day Teachers’ School Legal Clinics of Mongolia (December 2007, Ulan Bator) and some others.

In 2006-2009, participated as a trainer in the conduct of All-Ukrainian Law Schools held by the Higher Qualification Commission of Advocacy in the cities of Sevastopol, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk, Chernivtsi, Sumy and Kyiv.

Beginning in 2013, as a trainer-moderator, he regularly holds classes with lawyers from the Volyn oblast on the application of the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine, prevention of discrimination, access to public information, the European Convention on Human Rights and other topics.

Co-author of the Standards of Legal Clinics of Ukraine (2003, 2005, 2014), Model (exemplary) Regulations on the Legal Clinic (2005), the Model Ethical Code of the Legal Clinic (2005) adopted by the ALCU and the Model Regulations on the Legal Clinic of the Higher Educational Institution of Ukraine, approved by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2006).

He has more than 30 publications, including 6 manuals on Legal Clinical Education.

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