Active Cooperation of the Ministry of Justice with ALCU

On September 22, the head of the legal clinic of the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” and member of the Board of the Association of Legal Clinics Yuliya Matveva, the director of the Ukrainian charitable organization “Ukrainian Foundation for Legal Aid” Nikolai Sioomy with the Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Gia Gongadze on issues of involvement and role of the law clinics in Ukraine in law-education, joint activities and cooperation of legal clinics with other bodies, institutions and organizations of our state.

The Deputy Minister emphasized the Ministry of Justice’s readiness to promote the presentation of the Association of Legal Clinics in the Working Group on Higher Education Standards, in particular on issues related to the need to take into account the practice of law-based education in the study of certification and accreditation of higher education institutions in Ukraine.

As Gia Getsande noted: “Lawyer – is a social profession, and therefore the authorities and the state must take into account the need for practical legal education.” At the meeting, it was strongly emphasized that the above education can be obtained by students during their work in legal clinics.

During the discussion, it was emphasized on the full support and assistance in signing the Memorandum on Interaction in Improving the Quality of Teaching in Higher Educational Institutions between the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine.

Active Cooperation of the Ministry of Justice with ALCU