Active Training v Active Recreation or How the Legal Clinics School 2018 is Running?

Panel discussions on monitoring of legal clinics and ethical principles of their activities, discussion of the legal clinical activity Standards in the context of legal education reform, training on effective management of the LCs, practical workshops on legal education and communication, legal clinical course syllabus presentation and much more – this is how the first two days of the Summer School for Legal Clinics Mentors in 2018 have gone.

After a 4-year break, in a picturesque village Vizhnitsa, located on the border of Ivano-Frankivsk and Cehrnivtsi regions, the School brought together representatives of more than 20 legal clinics of Ukraine. School coaches and moderators are mostly members of the legal clinical movement: Andrii Halai, Yuliia Matveieva, Vitalii Yelov, ViKtor Yanyshen, Yuliia Lomzhets, Yana Tokar, Mariia Tsypiashchuk.

Representatives of legal clinics are actively included in each thematic block of the School.

Also, a business coach Marina Khredchenko has become a specially invited expert on legal clinics organization and management.

Some workshops are being held in a very specific, but amusing environment.

And the participants manage to combine active training with active recreation among incredible landscapes.

School has been organized by the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine in partnership with Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation with support of International Renaissance Foundation within the scope of the project “Development of Institutional Capacity of the Association / Network of Legal Clinics of Ukraine.” 


Published by: Mariia Tsypiaschuk

Photos: Sheilat Afolabi, Iryna Romaniuk, Yuliia Lonzhets

Active Training v Active Recreation or How the Legal Clinics School 2018 is Running?