Another legal clinic “from Seventies” or what was monitored there in Uzhgorod


On Friday, another, the eighteenth monitoring of the Legal Clinic by the Association, finished. He is the second one which was conducted in cooperation with the OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine.

The monitor team worked with the Uzhgorod National University Legal Clinic. And it saw that it was quite active and capable.
At the final public event, there was a large representation, which once again emphasized the importance and integration of UzhNU Legal Clinic to the local community: representatives of the regional networks of the three ministries of Ukraine, legal business, regional philanthropists, media resources, and of course, educators from the law faculty and their organizations.
After all, what are the results and who are the seventies? Uzhgorod National University Legal Clinic received a preliminary estimate of 70.4 points. This is what prompted such an informal name. The seventies is the name of a group of legal clinics that showed 70-79 points. In fact, according to the experience of monitoring, it is a rather high indicator that characterizes a well-organized and capable legal clinic. Check the results on our monitoring screen – all legal clinics- “seventies” meet the Association’s Standards. They have what to show and they are confidently moving forward.
 Legal Clinic
We hope that the UzhNU Legal Clinic, like the other Seventies, will develop a monitoring plan according to the results of the monitoring and they also will be develop.
The material was prepared by Andrii Halai
Photo: Maryna Vasylenko
Another legal clinic “from Seventies” or what was monitored there in Uzhgorod