Червень, 2020

25ЧервеньДень"Media-Master" Competition for Legal Clinics


The Association of Legal Clinics announces a competition to determine the most mediocre legal clinic in Ukraine.

Coverage of information about the legal clinic in the media is extremely important in its activities. In particular, a separate component is work in social networks.

That is why the Association seeks to encourage legal clinics to develop on the Internet by improving content and, consequently, increasing subscribers (followers) on social networks.

Terms of the competition:
1. Record the number of subscribers on the legal clinic’s own information resources (pages on social networks Facebook and Instagram) and attach screenshots with these indicators.

2. By June 25, actively fill the pages on social networks with quality content, attract new subscribers and, thus, increase the audience of page readers.

3. On June 26, the organizers of the competition compare the indicators “before and after”; calculate how much the number of readers of legal clinics has increased (who will fill in the Google form as an entrance questionnaire) and determine the most mediocre legal clinic in Ukraine.

Registration of a legal clinic to participate in the competition – https://forms.gle/AhPrJyaQekYUxpLM9

The winner will receive a gift for the development of a legal clinic – a cash prize of UAH 3,000.

The competition will last until June 25, 2020.


День (Четвер)