Червень, 2019

17ЧервеньДень19Summer School in Warsaw 2019


The Summer School will take place 17-19 June.

The aim of this School is the transition of 12 participants (heads of legal clinics) to a new level of leadership in the management of legal clinics.

The School will have four components:  

  1. General competences in legal clinical education. This component was already covered within the 2018 Summer School for legal clinics. Those participants who didn’t take part in Summer School will have to complete extra task aimed at gaining the needed preparation in this aspect.
  2. Getting familiarized with the work of the Polish and European networks of legal clinics (visits and presentations). This is an optional part of the International School
  3. Management training for legal clinics and regional leadership in a format of group training for approximately 4-5 modules per 1,5 hours each.
  4. Drafting (in combination of individual and group work), classroom discussion and implementation of their own projects of regional leadership. This is the most complex and longest component, but its concept has already been defined.


Червень 17 (Понеділок) - 19 (Середа)