FLA Providers unite on the  information platform “Legal Space”

On July 9, 2019, representatives of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine took part in the Second working meeting of FLA Stakeholders on Strategic Development of the Information and Analytical Portal ‘Legal Space’. The event is part of the process of reconciling the concept of restarting the already known information platform – the portal “Legal space”.

This resource was mainly aimed at individuals who directly needed legal information or advice. The idea now is to reorient its target audience on the legal aid providers and create a single information and analytical platform for all FLA providers and stakeholders in Ukraine.

Legal Space

It will not only give possibility for each provider to be high-quality and accessible in the information space, but it will also become a source of a stable expert exchange and, what is most importantly, will help to increase access to justice in Ukraine and abroad.

It will be much easier to understand for citizens who need legal aid where and how they will be able to get a legal assistance they need, since the portal contains clear and comprehensive information about the specialization of a legal aid provider, his contacts and so on.

FLA Providers unite on the  information platform "Legal Space"
Legal Space

The meeting was started by Natalia Bimbirayte, director of the IRC “Legal space”, who talked about the concept of reforming the portal, the main directions and expected format of its functioning, as well as the results of the first working meeting that took place several weeks earlier.

With the help of the facilitator Ruslan Baktiyev, the participants of the event, within three hours worked in groups and in joint discussions on what content of the portal could be useful and necessary for the target groups of this source, and also considered portal navigation issues and other related issues.

Moreover, except ALCU, representatives of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, the Legal Development Network, the Association of Women’s Lawyers of Ukraine “JurFem”, the NGO “Legal Hundred”, the Center for Human Rights “Change”, the Human Rights Directorate of access to justice and legal awareness and, of course, the Legal Information Resource Center “Legal Space” presented. Also at the meeting was Olga Galchenko, Coordinator of the Human Rights and Justice Program of the International Renaissance Foundation, supported by the project as a whole.

We hope that this necessary and meaningful initiative will be implemented in the near future and the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine is extremely pleased to be part of this process.

Photo credit: Natalia Bimbirayte, Maria Tsypiashchuk

FLA Providers unite on the information platform “Legal Space”
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