Free Legal Help Providers Exchanged Experience in Advocacy

On May 31, representatives of legal-service providers from all regions of Ukraine discussed the possibility of advocating the right to access free legal aid in Kyiv.

In particular, during the one-day training session there were lively discussions between representatives of centers for legal information and counseling, legal clinics, integrators, lawyers providing free legal aid, and community activists.

During the training, the participants reviewed the advocacy efforts in terms of their need in conditions of social change, moderated by the session of well-known human rights activists: writer and lawyer Larisa Denisenko and Zoryan Kis, coordinator of the International NGO “House of Freedom of Ukraine”. From the state system of providing free legal aid, the representative of the Coordination Center for Legal Assistance Oleksandr Grib presented a presentation of the model for establishing a legal aid office in the regions, in particular, their role and role in the reform of the justice system.

A lively discussion arose during the Advocacy in Action session, in particular, during the review of the practical aspects of the analysis of the external and internal environment in which an advocacy campaign is being conducted. Moderated the discussion pr-consultant Marina Govorukhina, project manager of the Ukrainian Foundation for Legal Aid Katerina Khilchevska and expert of the Reinancial Package of Reforms Marina Tsapok.

At the end of the training, the participants exchanged experiences of successful advocacy campaigns, determined the criteria for success.

The training was carried out thanks to the cooperation of the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation with the Legal Aid Coordination Center, as well as with the support of the program “Human Rights and Justice” of the International Renaissance Foundation.

Source of information: Ukrainian Foundation for Legal Aid

Free Legal Help Providers Exchanged Experience in Advocacy