Instead of theory – practice: results of a workshop for legal clinics

We have not stopped at this year’s Association Forum and continue to organize our activities aimed at developing practical skills.

October 20-21, 2019, a workshop for the development of ALCU regional leaders “Project Management and Fundraising for Legal Clinics” took place.

Representatives of 12 legal clinics participated in the event. All sections were hands-on, with lots of hands-on and creative tasks and discussions. And their main purpose was to promote the leadership skills of legal clinic managers and regional cooperation.



The trainer of the first day of the workshop was EU Anticorruption Initiative expert Serhiy Derkach, who explained how to find your idea of the project and the consumer, and how the theory differs from the practice in this project. Together with Serhiy, the participants discussed how to unite to implement joint projects, seek funding for them, develop a fundraising strategy, and how to obtain international support from grant organizations. We have also traditionally attracted foreign partners to generate cooperation. This time, Ana Gudadze, Lawyer of the project of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Tbilisi, Article 42 of the Constitution, Member of the Education Human Rights House in Tbilisi. Ana spoke in detail about the activities of the organizations she represents, the network of Human Rights Homes, as well as the general situation with the development of the legal clinical movement in Sakartvelo. Afterward, Ana proposed the idea of ​​cooperation between the Human Rights Education Homes in Tbilisi and Chernihiv and the Georgian and Ukrainian networks of legal clinics and listened to the participants’ opinions on the format and content of such cooperation.


The following day, the trainers of the sections were representatives of the Board of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine.

The Head of Association Andrii Halai presented the section “Creativity, Flexibility, and Fulfillment of Donor Expectations in Legal Clinic Projects: From Transparent Lines to N. Harari Worlds” with interesting exercises and panel discussions.

Executive Director Yulia Lomzhets helped participants understand how to define project goals and ideas through interactive assignments, using, for example, projects submitted to the Regional Leadership Competition. Separately, we considered such a relevant area as indicators of project results.

Finally, the Association’s communications manager, Maria Tsypiashchuk, spoke about the legal clinic’s media positioning, applied practical aspects, and the secrets of effective information. At the end of the section, the participants worked on developing a media plan for the project.

The event turned out to be productive, so stay tuned for more updates. We are glad to everyone who is ready to work and develop.

The event was conducted by the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation within the framework of the project “Development of Regional Leadership and Establishing a Model of Coordination of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine”.


Author of the publication: Anna Myroniuk

Photo: Anna Myroniuk

Instead of theory – practice: results of a workshop for legal clinics