International Conference “Community Legal Empowerment”

This Conference represents a landmark event for the Ukrainian legal system. As the first conference devoted to legal empowerment in Ukraine, this event offers a historic opportunity to reflect on the current participation of citizens in self-governance and what is required to enhance the participation in the Ukrainian legal system of vulnerable groups, such as persons with disabilities, victims of domestic violence, refugees, war veterans, orphaned children, and internally displaced persons. More broadly, the Conference marks a pivotal moment in the growth of legal aid and the maturation of the Ukrainian justice system.

Conference topics will include, but not be limited to following topics:

• How legal empowerment can strengthen anti-corruption strategies;
• Legal empowerment and alternative legal aid service delivery models, including alternative dispute resolution as well as other good an innovative practices
• Measuring progress in legal empowerment and assessing the needs to support its development
• Social media and information technology as legal aid enablers.

All details:

International Conference “Community Legal Empowerment”