Law Clinic of National Transport University


Year of foundation of the legal clinic  2011
The organizational and legal form of the legal clinic another unit of the university without staff
Contact information of the legal clinic:


1) addresses (including address of the reception desk)


2) phone


3) E-mail


4) the site of the UC or the UC site on the university’s website, in social networks


5) responsible person (name, position)

1. Kiev, st. Suvorova 1, cabinet 255 2.-



4. landing-p

5. Dmytruk Valery Sergeevich, Head of Legal Clinic.



Areas of activity and forms of legal aid

1. Legal assistance: counseling; preparation of legal non-judicial documents; preparation of procedural legal documents; representation of interests in courts and other bodies


2. Legal education

Branches of legal assistance all sectors except criminal law
Specialization None
Average annual number of consultations 25
Conducting a Accounting Advice Register, electronic archive
Teaching special course of legal clinical education classes


outside the curriculum
Does the work in the clinic, as a practice


Types of practice that students take in a legal clinic none
The number of teachers and students involved 1. Teachers-curators: 5


2. Students: 11


Law Clinic of National Transport University