Legal Advisor for Combatants (Ukrainian)

Litvak O.M. (Ed.) (2015) Legal Advisor for Combatants : Guide. Kiev: National Prosecution
Academy of Ukraine ser. “Defender of the Fatherland. Library of the Military Prosecutor “

The manual identifies the main military-political and military terms. Legal consultations were provided on the protection of the rights of the mobilized individuals, persons who returned from the zone of the ATO, as well as members of their families. Considered typical life situations, when defenders of the Fatherland needed legal assistance. A wide range of information resources has been processed for the search of real cases, cooperation with the All-Ukrainian Human Rights Organization “Yurydychna Sotnya”

The publication is aimed at helping mobilized individuals and individuals who have returned from the ATO zone, as well as members of their families. The materials contained in the guide will be useful for prosecutors, law enforcement officers, teachers, researchers, postgraduates and law students who
interested in the outlined topics.



Legal Advisor for Combatants (Ukrainian)