Legal Clinic Monitoring 2.0: in 20 Sentences

For more than two years, the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine has been monitoring the activities of legal clinics for compliance with their Standards. Each monitoring is accompanied by a report and specific recommendations for the administration of the legal clinic and the institution where it operates.

How this successful practice evolves, what new approaches have already been put in place – read in the author’s article of the Head of the Association Andrii Halai.

The confidence that you are doing the right thing adds inspiration. Two years ago, the phenomenon of monitoring was relevant. And not only relevant but also scientifically effective, as legal clinics are also an academic and scientific community. That is what helped us to make the assessment tool that received only positive reviews in Ukraine and abroad. It is used as an example to follow and we are pleased because of it.

At the same time, we cannot work without thinking. And after 13 monitoring sessions, we gradually came to the new format, which was given the informal name “Monitorings of legal clinics 2.0”.

2.0 is more about the implementation phase of recommendations. Monitoring in this approach is carried over from the key objective to the preliminary analysis stage. According to its results, the Association together with the legal clinic develops a plan of development of the clinic. It takes into account its specificity. For example, a legal clinic practicing legal education will receive more guidance on this; Legal Clinic of Police Higher Education – more offers to deepen its specialization. The Association’s recommendations not only relate to compliance with standards, but also to enhancing LC own strengths and natural advantages.

Prepared by: Andriy Galay

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Legal Clinic Monitoring 2.0: in 20 Sentences