Legal Education and Rights Protection in Chernihiv: Work Effectivity of the CNUT Legal Clinic “Adiutorium”

In the nearest future, the Legal Clinic “Auditorium” of the Chernihiv National University of Technology awaits positive changes. So far, the clinic is ready to implement the other legal clinics’ useful experience and is ready in growth.

On 12 – 14 February 2020 the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine jointly with the Chernihiv National University of Technology had been conducting the performance assessment of the legal clinic for compliance to Standards of the Legal Clinics Activity in Ukraine, approved at the 2014 All-Ukrainian ALCU Conference.


During the assessment, we examined the effectivity in frame of four legal clinic activities vectors: organizational, educational, rights protection, and legal education. Such assessment is called to guarantee legal clinic growth in regions and allow the Association to better discover the needs of legal clinics movement.

Monitoring was conducted by three invited experts:

  • Kateryna Datsko, Dean of Law Faculty, Head of the legal clinic of the Kryvyi Rih Economic Institute of the Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University;
  • Yuliia Matveieva, Member of Board of the ALCU, Head of the Education laboratory «Legal Clinic» of the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”;
  • Olena Sabo, Co-founder, member of the Association of Paralegals Community of Ukraine, NGO.


What is a legal clinic and what its place in the local community’s legal education and rights protection?

Nowadays, a legal clinic is a modern and very practical step of anyone in the legal profession. It teaches students rights protection and to be a true lawyer instead of buying solutions. Quality legal clinic complements available free legal aid options and helps developing an active local community in any town, at the same time requiring relatively small effort.

Results of the legal clinic evaluation

On 14 February 2020, the monitoring group presented the results of the examination in the university. Monitoring showed that the legal clinic acquired a sufficient base to perform as well as to grow in the future. The strengths of the clinic are:

  • Active integrity to local rights protection & legal education communities;
  • Conducting various legal education events;
  • Wide cooperation with partner organizations.

To vectors that need improvement experts included legal education and organization of work of the legal clinic. In particular, the university should pay attention to expanding legal clinic staff and improving the financial terms of legal clinic curators.


In general, the legal clinic with a summary result of 71,5% demonstrated the presence of a possibility to grow and improve its activities as well as to gain high results at both national and international contests. Preliminary evaluation results are the following:

  • Organization and provision – 56%;
  • Legal clinic inclusion to education process – 80%;
  • Legal counseling – 75%;
  • Legal education – 75%.


After results presentation and discussion, the monitoring group jointly with the university administration and head of the legal clinic adopted a Legal Clinic Development Plan designed according to the monitoring results.



Legal clinic contacts:

Valentyna LytvynenkoHead of the Legal Clinic “Adiutorium”

Address: Chernihiv, 1 Kozatska St. (Dorm. №3);

Telephone: (0462) 66-52-38 and (0462) 66-52-43


Monitoring of legal clinics is conducted by the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine with support by The International Renaissance Foundation in a frame of realization of the project “Development of regional leadership and establishing a model of coordination of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine”.


Legal Education and Rights Protection in Chernihiv: Work Effectivity of the CNUT Legal Clinic “Adiutorium”