Monitoring of Legal Clinics: Impressions and Best Practices

We are offering you an overview of the results of two monitorings of the legal clinics of the Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University (pilot monitoring, held in June 2017) and Khmelnytsky University of Management and Law (held April 18-20, 2018). The material was prepared by Yulia Matveyeva, head of the experimental training laboratory “Legal clinic” of the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, a Board Member of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine. Ms. Julia took personal part in both monitorings.

It will be a few sentences present the key ideas presented below.

Extremely topical issues for the reform of legal education are their practical orientation for law education. Legal clinics are among possible bases for practical education of law students. In order to improve this activity the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine monitors legal clinics. Monitorings are aimed at exploring whether the activity of legal clinics in Ukraine is coherent with the Standards.

It should be stressed that the first monitorings carried out were quite successful.

It should be emphasized that a brief analysis of the legal clinics of these Universities allows drawing the following conclusions:

  • Both clinics meet the Standards and can be a good basis for beginners to gain experience in legal practice;
  • Both clinics are structural subdivisions of universities and integrated into the educational process;
  • Legal counseling is conducted at a high level;
  • Legal education is carried out in a variety of forms.

An important observation in both clinics is formalizing certain activities, including legal education activities (documentary accounting, verification and reporting).

Monitorings are being held within the implementation of the ‘Development of institutional capacity of the Association / network of legal clinics of Ukraine’ Project in partnership with the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation, supported by the International Renaissance Foundation.

Monitoring of Legal Clinics: Impressions and Best Practices
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