New Steps on Improving Legal Clinics

Today, on the 14th of December, the first meeting of work group on improving Model regulation of legal clinic of University was held. This event gave the first push to institutionalization of clinical activity in Ukraine, which will create new opportunities for development of legal education in our country.

Representatives of ukrainian universities, Ministry of education and science of Ukraine, Ministry of justice of Ukraine, USAID and OSCE visited our event. Members of Association of legal clinics of Ukraine and outstanding scientists took part in formation of activity plan of work group.

All members of working group had opportunity to express their point of view. During heated and constructive debates problems of organizing, structuring and planning activity of work group were discussed. The main purpose of the meeting was achieved. All presented agreed that legal clinics should be recognized as structural division of university. Moreover, propositions to Model regulation on legal clinics were discussed. To develop individual sections of Model regulation it was decided to form subgroups, which every willing member of work group can join. 30 of January was established of deadline for subgroup activity. Also head of each subgroup was elected.

We thank Ministry of education and science of Ukraine for understanding urgent need of institutionalization of Legal clinics and organization of work group. Now everything depend on our colleagues. We hope that all members of work group will carry out productive and effective work.

New Steps on Improving Legal Clinics