Conflict and freedom to pursue legal clinical education
Another legal clinic “from Seventies” or what was monitored there in Uzhgorod
The plan of development of the Legal Clinic “Public Reception” at KCIBL has been approved
Taras Shcherbatiuk: The end of monitoring is only the beginning…
Acceptance of applications for participation in international student internship has started
“Will Allow the Program to Change Your Mind?”: About Legal Clinics and Docudays UA
A few December meetings of the Association of Legal Clinics are the development of the cooperation
Law education and human rights protection in Uzhgorod: quality of work of Uzhgorod National University Legal Clinic
The Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine is launching a regional leadership project
Client Consultation Competition without the scenery
Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine to become a co-founder of the Ukrainian School of Practical Knowledge on Access to Justice
The first practical program of enhancing legal capacity has started, and the ALCU is actively involved
«Interactive law education of students on the program« Street law» Scientific and practical conference of legal clinics of Ukraine
The Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine joined the International Conference in Mykolaiv
Legal Clinic of Sumy Department of KhNUIA has passed practical diagnostics
4 legal clinics represented Ukraine at the 2020 Client Consultation Competition in Poland
The winners of the competition of initiatives of regional development of legal clinics of Ukraine are determined
How to turn the Justice Access School from a suitcase into a network development tool
Results of the board+meeting
Instead of theory – practice: results of a workshop for legal clinics
We invite you to a workshop “Legal Clinics: Establishing Cross-Sectoral Cooperation”
The Development Plan for the Legal Clinic “Legal Aid” of SDKhNUIA has been approved
Welcome to the Human Rights Education Festival
The Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine is looking for a manager of news content and building regional informative activity of legal clinics!
So! Registration for participation in the 2020 Client Consulting Competition has begun!
Successes and future plans of the regional project “Free Legal Support for Small Business”
0̶0̶7̶ Mediation Agents: Their Successes and Project Achievements
Networking experience of legal clinics in Kyiv region: influences and perspectives
The First International School of Professional Skills for Legal Clinic Academics: How It Was
Development of regional leadership as a key to sustainable development of the legal clinic network
“Our consultants and interns are the most valuable thing in the legal clinic and it is the reason why it works …” about the monitoring of LC of B. Khmelnytskyi ChNU
Competition conditions for regional clinic development initiatives
Half is done: Analysis of the implementation of the ALCU strategic plan 2018-2019 for 2018
2019 Client Consultation Competition Final
Legal Clinic Monitoring 2.0: in 20 sentences
We invite you to the Forum of Legal Clinics of Ukraine on October 4-5, 2019
2020 Client Consultation Competition: New Challenges and Victories
ALCU monitoring as inspiration for new achievements of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs Legal Clinic
“Legal Clinics are the Whole Galaxy” – Key Issues about ALCU National Forum 2019
FLA Providers unite on the information platform “Legal Space”
Feeling a Part of International Clinical Legal Community. Ukrainian participation in the 7th ENCLE conference
First Cross-Border School of Professional Skills for Legal Clinical Leaders: How was it
So, are we tenth?!
Competition for the best video of the NCCC2019
Initiative as a Key to Success: The Results of Monitoring the Legal Clinic “Femida” of PF NAIA
ALCU Communication Training
Registration for Brown Mosten International Client Consultation Competition has been Completed
A Team from the UCU School of Law will Represent Ukraine at the Brown-Mosten International Client Consultation Competition Competition in Dubbine
Registration for the National Client Consultation Competition among Legal Clinics of Ukraine is Now Open!
Legal Aid Providers in Ukraine are Looking for Ways to Improve the Access and Quality of Such Aid.
Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine 2018 Congress – Start of a New Countdown
The Icing on the Cake – LC’s Monitoring Key Issues and Communication Strategy Innovations
Active Training v Active Recreation or How the Legal Clinics School 2018 is Running?
The Memorandum Was Signed Between Providers of Free Legal Aid
Working Meeting about Signing a Memorandum of Cooperation
Call for Applications to Participate in the Summer Legal Clinic Education School of 2018 Is Announced!
Legal Aid Providers in Ukraine Have Discussed Joint Actions to Maximize Human Rights Protection
The Story about One of the World’s Best Student Competitions – How was the ICCC 2018 in Maastricht?
20 Years of Legal Clinical Movement
The Community of Legal Clinics, Coordinated by the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine, Constantly Improves its Direct Activities.
Working Meeting Dedicated to Making New Model Provisions
The V All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference “Legal Education of Legal Clinics on the Basis of Higher Educational Institutions” Was Held.
Work Meeting for Creating a Manual “The Basics of Legal Clinical Practice”
By the Eyes of Students. Clinical Movement in Canada
Preview of Debate Tournament on Human Rights 2016
Approved the Strategic Plan of the Association’s Activity on 2016-2018
School of Clinical Legal Education: V4 + Ukraine
The Risks & Rewards of Clinical Legal Education Programs
This Year`s Participants Impression About the International Legal Advising of Brown-Mosten Clients (BROWN-MOSTEN ICCC 2017) in England.
We Announce Teams – Participants
Announcement of Registration for Participation in the Olympiad of Legal Clinics for Client Advising 2017
Human Rights in Ukraine: Legal Clinics Joined Certification of Regions
Cooperation with Centres of Legal Aid Providing
Ukrainian Clinicians at the Polish Conference of Legal Clinics
New Steps on Improving Legal Clinics
Results of 6th Debate Tournament on Human Rights
Legal Clinics will be Updated
Quality of Compliance of Human Rights in Ukraine
Human Rights-Protected Areas: Assessment of the State of Observance of Human Rights in Ukraine
How a Lawyer Can Change the World? Conference in Brussels Answers This and Other Questions
We Discuss Innovations in Clinical Activity in Dnipro
Cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Kyiv and Ivano-Frankivsk Discuss the Fundamentals of Legal Clinical Practice
The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Promises to Support Legal Clinics in Ukraine
Experience Exchange with the Canadian Colleagues
About the Main Issue: International Brown-Mosten Client Counseling Competitions
Executive Director of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine was Elected
Strategic Session on Developing of a Network of Legal Clinics in Ukraine
Meeting of the Authors of the Training Manual in Kharkiv
The Brown – Mosten International Client Consultation Competition
Drafting a Guide on Law Clinical Practice in Ukraine
Сonference Legal Clinics in Poland
Conference of Legal Clinics in Canada
National Olympiad of Legal Clinics
Active Cooperation of the Ministry of Justice with ALCU
Deputy Minister of Justice Gia Getsadze had a working visit to Legal clinic of Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University
Legal Clinics in Ukraine have Actively Started their Training and Working Year!
NGO ‘Legal Hundred’ Invites Legal Clinics to Cooperate
Call for Participants of the Strategic Session of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine
Monitoring of the Legal Clinics Starts! Call for Monitoring Training Applications and Monitoring Participating Legal Clinics
Sessions on Strategic Planning and Communication Strategy of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine
Demonstration Training on Legal Clinics Monitoring was Held in Borys Hrinchenko University
Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine is Looking for a Website Administrator (Editor)
Legal Clinics Build Cooperation with Local Partners
Legal clinic of the Ukrainian Catholic University Launches Series of Workshops for the ATO Veterans