Personal Impressions about the First Intranet Monitoring of a Law Clinic

The community of legal clinics, coordinated by the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine, constantly improves its direct activities.
Often, there is the perception that the activities of legal clinics are often not well understood and underestimated by the faculties, or are perceived as chaotical and unsystematical.
There is also the assumption that many legal clinics “exist only on paper”.

Unfortunately, the budgets of the Association of Ukrainian Legal Clinics do not allow going to each legal clinic for explaining what it is – to act in a quality manner.
To resolve these and other problematic issues, almost the entire quorum of headmastership went to Lutsk, to test the newly developed in the Dnieper system of assessing the quality of activity of legal clinics.
So, on June 21-22, in Lutsk, at the Eastern European National University, the first law enforcement clinics’ activity was monitored by the College of Legal Clinics of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation.

We share the following conclusions:
1. The monitoring tool has shown itself in a good way. As a result of the discussion, an item was added on the provision by stationery supplies.
So, find the updated quality rating system file and test your legal clinics yourself, this tool is simple and convenient to work.

2. There wasn`t enough time in the planned 2 days to resolve all issues, so 3 days are needed gor proper monitoring. The round table” discussion has proven to be very effective. Shown for the needs of the organization: 1) availability of standard for preparation of the event (this should be done not only by the head of the local lawclinic, but also by a representative of the monitoring group prepared); 2) involvement of local human rights and higher education community; 3) involvement of local journalists; 4) inclusion of the excursion stage in the legal clinic; 5) the formation of an additional checklist of ideas after completion.
4. Applied training is required in terms of monitoring the quality of law clinics in general:
– monitorists for monitoring (I think there would be enough two or two regional trainings for 15 people);
– managers of clinics based on the results of several monitorings (I think once every six months or every 3-4 monitoring would be enough)
5. “Cherry and Cake” or the result of monitoring.
The preliminary calculation of the results had shown that Ad Astra Legal Clinic of the” Eastern European National University named after Lesia Ukrainka” got the rating “complies with the quality standards of the legal clinics”. This conclusion will be based on the calculation of the points of the monitoring system, not on the eye.

Personal Impressions about the First Intranet Monitoring of a Law Clinic
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