Project “UP”: International Students Internship

Bold ideas have a right to be realized because legal clinic education is a form of legal education that allows implementing innovative techniques, extraordinary methods during law studies. In turn, the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine is the community capable to develop legal education through more interesting education of future lawyers. Adding international & national partnership and a legal clinic longing to develop new projects, we receive a key to breathtaking and effective events.


Project “UP” is exactly one of those bold ideas and a symbol of growth. It aims creating opportunities of legal education innovative methods realization and teaching students the skills needed to modern lawyer through learning trend topics in law.

 Why is the project unique?

The project unites learning, real practice research and competitive element – everything that the legal clinics students like and what makes them better than others.

This year, the project is designed for students and including International Students Internship, a part of legal vector of the III International Scientific Congress Society of Ambient Intelligence 2020 on the topic “Responsible Business and Human Rights”.

The goals of Internship are:

  • to support understanding the meaning of responsible business that acts with respectto human rights in the university community;
  • to involve the legal clinics students to practical researches and resolving a real cases in this topic.

As the first stage of the internship was already conducted (National – writing and presenting a legal essay) we are looking forward for the end of quarantine to conduct the most interesting stage – international in Warsaw that includes resolving real legal cases, participation in masterclasses and workshops.


 The Association plans to continue developing professional internships both for the legal clinics students and professors. Each legal clinic has its identity which is proved by the ALCU monitoring. Realization of this project gives a chance to unite the Association’s experience and partnership with the efforts of the legal clinics, together creating opportunities for our students, the true heart of each legal clinic.

Project “UP”: International Students Internship