Textbook “Legal Clinical Education in Ukraine”

The textbook summarizes the history of emergence and development of clinical legal education in the world and in Ukraine – as an effective form and method of law students practical training for future professional activity. The manual will help future lawyers to master and improve the skills needed for the legal profession, including: understanding the special role of lawyers in society and the values ​​of the legal profession, practical application of ethical standards in the legal profession, understanding the psychological aspects of working with different types of clients, interviewing and counseling, representation in public authorities and local governments, preparation of procedural documents, etc. Also, the manual contains guidelines for organizing the activities of university law clinics in the areas of free legal aid and education to improve the legal culture of the population. The textbook is intended for administrators of clinical legal education, teachers, students, and heads of higher education law schools and law firms and associations.



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Textbook “Legal Clinical Education in Ukraine”