This Year`s Participants Impression About the International Legal Advising of Brown-Mosten Clients (BROWN-MOSTEN ICCC 2017) in England.

From 19-20.04.2017, the team of 4th year students Servetnik Olena and Pshenichna Inna presented Ukraine and their University of State Fiscal Services of Ukraine in the quarter-finals of the annual International Browny-Mosten Crisis Competition ICCC 2017.

This year’s competition was held at the Kent Law School at the UK’s European University in Canterbury, England. This right was won by our team at the National Client Advisory Tournament, which is held annually on the basis of the National University of Ostroh Academy in Ostrog, March 3-5, 2017.

This is the case for teams from 21 countries of the world including Canada, India, Malaysia, Australia, Finland, Germany, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka and others. d.

The final panel of judges, including Forrest S. Mosten and Joe Egan, vice president of the Bar Association of England and Wales, recognized Nil Nolan and Conor Coley of the Irish Legal Society as the winners of this year’s competition.

As for the impressions of the competitions themselves, we can state that they were conducted at a high professional level (as evidenced by the composition of the judging panel and the organization of the competitions themselves). The fighting between the teams was fierce, as the best representatives of each country participated. In spite of rivalry, the atmosphere was friendly, cultural evenings were organized (familiarity with the traditions and language of the participating countries). Organizers were very careful about the team representatives and always in the shortest possible time any problem situation, if any, arose.

On April 21 our girls spoke to the judges’ panel. They had to spend 2 days in one day, each of which lasted more than 30 minutes. Despite the nerves, stress and fatigue, our team presented the country on a high professional level, as evidenced by the positive feedback from judges that they gave after each speech and explained that it was positive in the speech, and what else to work on. Despite the fact that our team did not go through the next stages, we got invaluable experience, both professionally and organizationally, found new friends and gained a lot of positive impressions from the participants, the British, London and Canterbury.

Personal impressions of girls about participating in the competition:

OLENA: “Participation in the International Competition for Client Advice to them. Brown-Mosten was a unique experience that helped me to improve both my personal and professional skills. I would like to thank my colleague, Inna Wheat, for his support and excellent team work, our trainer and teacher – Ph.D., associate professor of UDFS of Ukraine – Sholkova TB. Preparation for participation in the competitions gave me the opportunity to have practical experience in working with clients, solving the real problems of real people. It also helped me look at the lawyer from a different point of view. Professional ethics and social responsibility became not only a theory but also a real experience for me. Participation in the competition helped me understand how to build a legal career further. Now we can share experiences to bring our future law students to a professional international level. ”

INNA: “4 days spent among teams from different countries, with different culture and legal systems made me just an incredible impression. Despite the fact that we did not go to the semi-final, we received a comment from the judges on our two consultations, which will help us to improve our communication skills with our clients and will be a good experience for the next participating teams that will represent Ukraine.

During the Olympiad, we were able to communicate with teams from around the world. It was not only an exchange of experience on both the consultation and the organization of the work of legal clinics, and just pleasant conversations about traditions, customs and everyday things that distinguish us all from each other. Every evening, events organized by all – teams, judges, trainers and organizers – were organized, they gave an opportunity to present their country, to tell about the team. I would like to note the organization of the Olympiad: it was very convenient to settle on the campus, along with which there was a cafe, stops. Everything was organized at a high level, one of the organizers has always been around in the event of questions or problems.

Therefore, from our team we would like to express our gratitude for the financial support to the Rector of the University of DFS of Ukraine Pashko P.V., for the International Organizations: USAID USAID New Justice Program, OSCE (Project Coordinator in Ukraine), which enabled our team to realize the dream : this is to get into the competition. And also, thank you sincerely for the support in arranging the trip Topchy V.V., Director of the NII Rights and Glushchenko K.V., Head. NLL “Legal Clinic” of the DFS University of Ukraine, National Representative for ICSS – Tsypyshchuk Maria, Ashot Aghayan, USAID USAID Representative, and “Ivanov Iryna” to the OSCE Representative (Project Coordinator in Ukraine).

United Kingdom, International Client Advisory Olympus – 2017 – We’ll be Missing!

This Year`s Participants Impression About the International Legal Advising of Brown-Mosten Clients (BROWN-MOSTEN ICCC 2017) in England.