Registration for the National Client Consultation Competition among Legal Clinics of Ukraine is Now Open!

Registration for the National Client Consultation Competition among Legal Clinics of Ukraine is Now Open!

During February 23-24, 2019, the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine on the basis of the National University of Ostroh Academy (Ostroh, Rivne oblast) will host the National Client Consultation Competition among Legal Clinics of Ukraine!

Registration ends February 12, 2019. Applicants will be notified of their further participation via indicated e-mails no later than February 15, 2019.

This year Competition topic is: “Corruption Crimes and Misdemeanours”

Download 2019 NCCC in Ukraine Memoranda.


General Conditions: 

  1. This year’s Competition will be held exclusively in English.
  2. The registration process will include a preliminary qualifying round (more detailed described in the Registration Form)
  3. The maximum number of participating teams is 12. In case of more applications, the jury, which will consist of future judges of the Competition, will select the participants according to the results of the qualifying round.
  4. Competition (onsite) will include two semi-final rounds, in which all teams will take part, and the final round.
  5. Expenditures on travel, accommodation and meals are covered by the team. Also, a team has to pay an organizational fee of 300 (three hundred) UAH. The registration fee is paid only by the selected teams upon arrival at the Competition.
  6. The organizer provides the selection and participation of judges, actors who will perform the role of clients, as well as rewarding participants with diplomas. The Organizer also facilitates the further communication of the team with the Organizing Committee of International Competition.
  7. The Organizer provides the teams selected for the Competition logistic information about the estimated cost and places for accommodation and food, and other organizational information.

Download 2019 NCCC in Ukraine Rules and Assessment Criteria


History of the Competition

A Client Counselling Competition for law students was first established in 1969 by Louis M Brown. It was adopted by The American Bar Association in 1972 and the International Competition was inaugurated in 1985. The International Competition was named after Louis M Brown in 1993 in recognition of the inspiration he provided as originator of the competition. In May 2010, the competition’s name was subtly changed from “client counselling” to “client consultation”. It was felt that “consultation” reflects better the activity as opposed to the words interviewing, advising or counselling. The name of the Californian lawyer Forrest S. Mosten was also added to the title of the competition. This is in recognition of Woody Mosten’s immense contribution to the growth and development of the competition. Woody has been the president of the competition for over 25 years.  (paragraph is taken from the official ICCC website)

Each year, another university, and often even a different country, hosts International Client Consultation Competition. So, in 2009 the ICCC was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; in 2011 and 2018 in Maastricht, the Netherlands; in 2014 – in Puerto Rico; in 2015 – in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA; in 2016 in Canada, Winsdor; in 2017 – in the UK, Kent. From 3 to 6 April 2019, the competition will be held in Dublin, Ireland.

Competition in Ukraine:

In Ukraine, the Competition was first held in 2005 on the basis of the National University of Ostroh Academy. Since then, on a permanent basis, competitions have taken place annually until 2009-2010. However, since that time and until 2015, the Competition was paused because of the lack of funding and initiative from the representatives of legal clinics.

In March 2015, due to the support of the International Renaissance Foundation, the National Competition has been reinstated . 16 teams from all over Ukraine participated in it.

The winning team, with the financial support of the International Renaissance Foundation and the American Agency for International Development (USAID), duly represented Ukraine at the International Competition in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. After this, the Competition took place two years in a row on the basis of the NUOA, and last year – at the University of the State Fiscal Service, the city of Irpin. In 2019, the Competition returns to Ostroh.

Contact person for the National Client Consultation Competition 2019 – Maria Tsypiashchuk, +38 097 703 48 55,

Legal Aid Providers in Ukraine are Looking for Ways to Improve the Access and Quality of Such Aid.

Legal Aid Providers in Ukraine are Looking for Ways to Improve the Access and Quality of Such Aid.

On January 17, 2019, the representatives of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine Natalia Tsyuprik and Tetiana Sholkova took part in a working meeting on the implementation of the Memorandum on Cooperation among free legal aid providers, which was signed on June 15 last year. Besides the Coordination Center for Legal Aid, such organizations were represented: the National Bar Association of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union and the Legal Development Network, the All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization “Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation”, the NGO “Legal Hundred “, Charitable Foundation “The Right to Protection”.

The participants discussed the following steps aimed at development of free legal aid system, ensuring the rights of persons for timely and high-quality aid. They also worked on the mechanism of effective coordination and redirecting applicants (where necessary) to another competent and/or specialized provider.

Tetiana Sholkova believes these activity will contribute not only to ALCU popularization but will stimulate all the providers to work more efficient and client-oriented.


Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine 2018 Congress – Start of a New Countdown

Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine 2018 Congress – Start of a New Countdown

On 30 November, 2018 at the Ternopil National Economic University Law Department there was held an Annual Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine Congress, which gathered representatives of 37 legal clinics in Ukraine.

Congress raised a number of issues crucial for the further development of the Association legal clinical movement in overall.

Firstly participants voted to admit three new legal clinics to the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine. Clinics represented such universities as the Ukrainian Catholic University, the National University of Water and Environmental Engineering and the Viacheslav Lipinsky Volyn Institute of Interregional Academy of  Personnel Management.

In total, 54 legal clinics have filed their application forms. 4 of them are still holding the status of candidates for membership of the Association.

Besides the  membership question, the participants of the Congress heard the previous Association chairman Viktor Yanyshen report on the work of the ALCU Board for the previous year. After his speech, each Board member presented his or her own activities review. In general, the report was approved with some recommendations.

The key event of the meeting was the election of the Board members and reelection of the Association Chairman. After turbulent discussion, Andrii Halai was elected as Chairman. Mr. Andrii claims: “The community of legal clinics once again showed its ability of self-organization and self-healing. It is extremely pleasant to see the readiness of the youth to take responsibility for a joint case.” The Board has been elected:

Mykola Udod – Head of the first legal clinic in Ukraine at the Donetsk National University;

Yuliia Matveieva, who was reelected to the Board. Ms. Julia is the head of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy legal clinic, and deals mainly with the educational component of the Association;

Mariia Tsypiashchuk. Ms. Maria was also a member of the Board and is the Association Communication Manager, as well as the coordinator of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad on Client Consultation;

Among the newly elected members of the Board, the Congress approved nominees Natalia Tsiupryk, head of the “Zahyst” legal clinic of the National Academy of Interior Affairs and Tetiana Sholkova, who is the legal clinic manager at the University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

The elected representatives of the Association expressed their willingness to develop the legal clinical movement, as well as to continue and strengthen the work of the Board +, which envisages the involvement of all active legal clinic representatives throughout Ukrainian in planning and implementation of the activities.

Another momentous event was certificates awarding to heads of the monitored legal clinics. It should be reminded that 12 such monitorings took place during 2018 – what means that each 5th legal clinic was able to get the result of its activities in the context of the Standards approved by ALCU.

The Congress also considered approval of the Honoured Council Statute, however, due to its complexity and lack of time, the discussion of the document was postponed until the next Congress.

We thank all the participants of the Congress for their conscious and active participation and, filled with strength and inspiration, continue to work!

Looking forward to meeting everyone at the upcoming events!

Congress has been organized by the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine in partnership with Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation with support of International Renaissance Foundation within the scope of the project “Development of Institutional Capacity of the Association / Network of Legal Clinics of Ukraine.” 

The Icing on the Cake – LC’s Monitoring Key Issues and Communication Strategy Innovations

The Icing on the Cake – LC’s Monitoring Key Issues and Communication Strategy Innovations

On November the 28th, 2018, an expert discussion of the legal clinics monitoring surveys results took place. The meeting was held on the basis of the National University “Kyiv Mohyla Academy” educational laboratory “Legal Clinic of the Faculty of Law”. The series of these monitoring surveys were conducted by the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine (ALCU) in 12 legal clinics from different regions of Ukraine, supported by the International Renaissance Foundation, the Ukrainian Foundation for Legal Aid and the USAID New Justice Program.

The idea of such monitoring services was initiated by ALCU itself, and it is a lucid continuation of the long process aimed at legal clinics services quality improvement.

During the meeting, Andrii Halai, the ALCU Board member, submitted that in 2014, at the Association Congress, which also took place in NUKMA, the educational legal community approved the Standards of Activity of the Legal Clinics of Ukraine – the minimum requirements – criteria of LC qualitative functioning.

Gradually an understanding that the implementation of the Standards requires an objective assessment had been formed and that is why, in 2017, Instrument for Assessing the Standard Practice of Legal Clinics in Ukraine was adopted. The Instrument proved its practical effectiveness immediately during its piloting  in June 2017 on the basis of the “Ad Astra” Legal Clinic of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University. And, during 2018, 11 legal clinics in different regions of Ukraine experienced the benefits of such monitoring surveys.

The representatives of the monitored legal clinics also communicated their opinions: they told about some significant changes that took place during the preparation for the monitoring (being provided with equipment, accommodation, arranging documentation and general organization of work), and following the monitoring (establishing financial motivation or the LC tutor (head), improvement of the consultations and law-educational events accounting, introduction of new forms for such events, etc.).

An analytical review of the monitoring results can be found here.

Ivan Shemelynets head of the Legal Education Expert Group of the of Ministry of Justice of Ukraine Human Rights, Access to Justice and Law Awareness Directorate, who also took part in one of the monitoring – joined the meeting. Mr. Ivan stated: Recently, the issues of legal educational development in Ukraine were actualized as a separate direction of activity of the Ministry of Justice and, particularly, the Directorate of Human Rights, Access to Justice and Law Awareness. One of the main problems that occurred during the monitoring process was the motivation of legal clinics employees. A person cannot do the good-quality job for a long time, if he or she does not have an organizational and financial support. Thus the reviewing of the financing system of legal clinics and the payment for people who work there – is necessary. Legal clinic as an element of internal quality assurance system in universities – this is the main thesis, which should become a part of the development of higher legal educational concept.


The representatives of the Association’s constant partners also attended the event: Mykola Sioma – Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation, Ashot Ahaian – USAID New Justice Program, Nataliia Stupnytska and Mariia Bilak – OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine.

Besides discussing the monitoring results, Mariia Tsypiashchuk, a communication development manager of the Association, described major achievements of the ALCU Communication Strategy implementation. This strategy is built around three key branches:

1) strengthening of the ALCU external representation, including communication with its partners. The content of the site has been fundamentally updated in this area, and its visualization has been optimized, news of the Association is constantly published on the Facebook page. Also, a portfolio of contact managers of the Association’s communication partners was formed, banners of the constant partners were displayed on the main page of the site, information about them updated and the opportunity to post their news was provided.

2) the establishment of an effective information exchange between the Association Board and legal clinics. To maintain this internal communication channel a Google-group (mailing list) and a private group in Facebook for the representatives of the administrative staff of the LC were created.

3) the implementation of tools for the effective exchange of experience and the illustration of their activities of legal clinics by themselves. In addition to these resources, personal accounts for each legal clinic were created on the Association’s website which makes it possible to publish their own news and consultations. To facilitate the work with these tools, a detailed step-by-step Manual is developed.

Several participants of the meeting, representatives of the monitored legal clinics, also shared their opinions on the event and the monitoring surveys:

Yulia Matveieva, a member of the Association Board of Legal Clinics of Ukraine, Head of the Laboratory “Legal Clinic” of the National University “Kyiv Mohyla Academy”, states that: The existence of legal clinics is very important for the education of future lawyers, because students acquire some practical professional skills here by providing free legal aid to socially vulnerable groups of the population, as well as law-educational activities. And because of the high level of responsibility that lies on the LC`s work in terms of quality of legal services, the provision of ethical principles of professional legal ethics, etc., such activities must be controlled and coordinated. Especially the elements of certain requirements that relate to general administrating, material and technical provision, the quality of legal services, legal education, the provision of educational process, the possibility of organizing and conducting practices based on the UC, etc. and provide the ALCU Standards. It is important that the representatives of the legal clinical movement of Ukraine have reached such a level of development, when they independently initiated the adoption of these requirements to adhere to them and thus take care of their quality.

Olena Zabrodina, Director of the Legal Clinic of the Olesya Goncharovka Dniprovsky National University: Monitoring survey of the UC allowed identifying systemic problems in the organization of the UC, for example – the location of clinics in the structure of universities, as well as issues in the activities of the LC itself. Unfortunately, systemic problems are not being solved by the leaders of most LC clinics, and the help in the form of appeals is need from the Association to the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Justice. Regarding the internal issues of the ДC, monitoring helped to identify shortcomings and work on their elimination. During the expert discussion on November the 27th, 2018, most of the leaders of the LC informed about the progress of work on the mistakes in the clinics subordinated to them.

To Irina Kalinina`s opinion (the head of the Law Faculty of the “Themis” of the Donetsk State University of Management), meetings in such a format help to establish and expand cooperation both between individual legal clinics and the Association of Ukrainian Legal Clinics, which allows to resolve more urgent problems in the issue of the legal clinical movement development.

Kateryna Datsko, dean of the Faculty of Law, the Head of the Legal Clinic of the Kryvyi Rih Economic Institute of the Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman, believes that the event has become a good platform for discussing the results of the monitoring carried out in order to increase the effectiveness of LC and the development of communication between them. Such measures promote the development of the Association as a network, help to identify common problems, interests and get motivation for further work.”

Iryna Romaniuk, the head of Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University legal clinic, is convinced that: Monitoring survey is a practical guideline for strategic planning of the legal clinic and ALCU in general. An expert discussion of the results is an excellent opportunity to gain new knowledge about the best practices of legal clinics, to develop systemic solutions to strengthen the “weak” sides of the LCs, to stimulate communication between them.

We are glad that the event was interesting and useful and soon the Association will gather togather more law clinics at the Association’s Congress 2018.


Written by: Julia Matvieieva, Mariia Tsypiashchuk

Photo: National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Ukrainian Foundation for Legal Aid

Translated by from Ukrainian: Mariana Dyshko, Mariia Tsypiashchuk

Active Training v Active Recreation or How the Legal Clinics School 2018 is Running?

Active Training v Active Recreation or How the Legal Clinics School 2018 is Running?

Panel discussions on monitoring of legal clinics and ethical principles of their activities, discussion of the legal clinical activity Standards in the context of legal education reform, training on effective management of the LCs, practical workshops on legal education and communication, legal clinical course syllabus presentation and much more – this is how the first two days of the Summer School for Legal Clinics Mentors in 2018 have gone.

After a 4-year break, in a picturesque village Vizhnitsa, located on the border of Ivano-Frankivsk and Cehrnivtsi regions, the School brought together representatives of more than 20 legal clinics of Ukraine. School coaches and moderators are mostly members of the legal clinical movement: Andrii Halai, Yuliia Matveieva, Vitalii Yelov, ViKtor Yanyshen, Yuliia Lomzhets, Yana Tokar, Mariia Tsypiashchuk.

Representatives of legal clinics are actively included in each thematic block of the School.

Also, a business coach Marina Khredchenko has become a specially invited expert on legal clinics organization and management.

Some workshops are being held in a very specific, but amusing environment.

And the participants manage to combine active training with active recreation among incredible landscapes.

School has been organized by the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine in partnership with Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation with support of International Renaissance Foundation within the scope of the project “Development of Institutional Capacity of the Association / Network of Legal Clinics of Ukraine.” 


Published by: Mariia Tsypiaschuk

Photos: Sheilat Afolabi, Iryna Romaniuk, Yuliia Lonzhets

The Memorandum Was Signed Between Providers of Free Legal Aid

The Memorandum Was Signed Between Providers of Free Legal Aid

The Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine and the Coordinating Center for Legal Aid Providing, the Legal Development Network , the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation signed a memorandum on cooperation in providing legal assistance to Ukrainian citizens, foreigners, stateless persons, refugees and for those who need additional or partial protection.

Association was represented by its Board Chairman Viktor Yanyshen.

Call for Applications to Participate in the Summer Legal Clinic Education School of 2018 Is Announced!

Call for Applications to Participate in the Summer Legal Clinic Education School of 2018 Is Announced!

The Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine (ALCU), with the assistance of the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation (ULAF) and with the financial support of the International Renaissance Foundation, announces a call for participation at a Summer Legal Clinical Education School, which will be held from July 5 to July 8, 2018.

22 participants will be elected for participation in the School on a competitive basis. Heads and Curators of legal clinics of Higher Educational Institutions of Ukraine (one participant from the university) can take part in School. To participate in the competition, please fill out the registration form on May 31 by the following link:

The School will be held in one of the most picturesque places in Ukraine – Karpathian area. The organizers will take care that during the period of the summer holidays it would be nice to combine the study with the rest.

All necessary logistical information will be communicated to elected participants of the summer school by June 5th. Organizers do not undertake to explain the reason for refusal to participate in our event.

For all organizational issues, please contact:

Yuiliia Matveeva – representative of ALCU – tel. 050-683-49-94;

Sheilat Afolabi – representative of ULAF – tel. 066-044-32-23.

School will be held within the implementation of the ‘Development of Institutional Capacity of the Association / Network of Legal Clinics of Ukraine’ Project in partnership with the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation, supported by the International Renaissance Foundation.

Legal Aid Providers in Ukraine Have Discussed Joint Actions to Maximize Human Rights Protection

Legal Aid Providers in Ukraine Have Discussed Joint Actions to Maximize Human Rights Protection

On April 26, representatives of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine joined the expert group of the grant project “Improving Access to Justice for Vulnerable People in Volyn, Kharkiv and Kherson Regions”, carried out with the support of the American people, provided through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in within the framework of the New Justice Program.

At the working meeting, the head of the legal clinic “Ad Astra” of the Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University Vitalii Yelov participated as a representative of the Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine. Also, the meeting participants were representatives of the Coordination Center for Legal Aid Provision, the Directorate for Human Rights, Access to Justice and Legal Awareness, the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation.

The main achievement of the event was the determination of a further strategy of joint actions, in particular:
– advocacy of legislative changes in order to ensure human rights, in the event of refusal to provide such assistance by the state system, to choose alternatives to obtain such assistance from non-state  free legal aid providers;
– updating data on non-state free legal aid providers
– creation of the Unified Register of free legal aid providers;
– automate the exchange of information about redirection, monitor their effectiveness, develop common standards of performance and assess the quality of legal assistance provided by free legal aid  providers.

One more step to high quality of free legal aid in Ukraine was taken!

Prepared by Vitalii Yelow
Materials and photos: Legal Development Network

The Story about One of the World’s Best Student Competitions – How was the ICCC 2018 in Maastricht?

The Story about One of the World’s Best Student Competitions – How was the ICCC 2018 in Maastricht?

Brown Mosten Client Consultation Competition – it is about it’s about authenticity, about friendship and beauty of people in the world.

And little bit about how lawyers should behave themselves in this world.

A while ago the 33rd brown Mosten International Client Consultation Competition has finished. It was already a second time (2011 and now) when the Competition was hosted by the Maastricht University Law Faculty. Normally the Contest will only be held once in a country or a place, but – remembering the perfect organization by Jae Fernhout back in 2011 everybody was happy to return to beautiful Maastricht in 6 years.

Maastricht, Vrijthof, main city square

Picturesque town, brilliant organization, meaningful and comfortable program, professional jury, charismatic acting clients, almost family atmosphere among the teams from 22 countries and even many more nations, operetta for the Competition participants as spectators only, calm and relaxing pancake cruise, active and helful buddies – all these are just initial reflections. But the impressions and conclusion are many more than this.

Reflections on Client Interviewing in music – Fugue Composition Performance. © photo by Vava Arifin, Maasticht University

Personally for me this was the fourth time to be at the International round, twice of which were in Maastricht. So, this time it felt like coming back home, to meet old friends, and the place you do not want to leave anymore at all. As I looked around in the hall where people of over 30 nationalities gathered, I caught myself in the thought of how beautiful and diverse the human race is, and how much beauty can be different. Isn’t this one of the deepest goals of such competitions – to unveil this beauty to everyone who wants to see it?

There were no competition rounds in the first day, as organizators considered the fact that participants might be rather tired. Along with that, all participants were invited to 4 short but very specific workshops from local lawyers and legal clinics representatives from outside Netherlands. All workshops were united under the topic “Lawyer-Client Communication across Culture and Language Borders”, which was really of use before the Competition phase actually started. A colorful artistic opening program and an informal dinner made such diverse people from all over the world to feel like friends right away.

ICCC 2018 Workshop “Lawer-client communication across culture and language borders”. © photo by Vava Arifin, Maasticht University

Traditionally, Competition was held in English, had three rounds and four actual tours – two quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. By the way, the idea was announced to consider possibility of running two semifinal rounds in order to give the teams even more opportunities to present themselves.

For the first time in the International Round, teams from Belgium, Croatia and Kenya took part. Moreover, the Croatian team even gpt to the semi-final, which was especially delightful. Also, teams from Indonesia, Nigeria, Germany, India, Malaysia, Australia, Georgia, the United States of America, Canada, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Poland and, of course, the Netherlands, have arrived.

On the third day of the Competition, the Annual Meeting with national representatives of the Competition was held to discuss the Competition topics for the next years, the countries in which the Competition will be held, as well as other organizational issues. So in 2019, Brown Mosten International Client Competition will be held in Dublin, Ireland. Quite unusual for the ICCC, the criminal law was elected as a topic branch for 2019. The approximate topic named was “Theft”, and approximate dates are April 3-6, 2019.


Significant for Ukraine is the fact, that our suggestion to host ICCC somehow in the future was accepted by the Competition OC. So it is quite possible that in 2021 or 2022 the International Competition will be held in our country!

The story about the ICCC 2018 would be incomplete without mentioning an interesting and practical training from Forrest S. Mosten, an inspirer and Executive Director of the Competition, on “Unbundled Dispute Resolution”. Mr. Mosten is one of this concept founders. “Unbundled services” are also known as “limited scope representation” or “discrete task representation”. In other words, with such a model of legal aid, the lawyer agrees with the client those steps and actions in the case that the client can perform on their own, thus taking over part of the responsibility for the outcome of the case and saving their own funds. The described approach has become quite popular in recent years in the United States of America and is used mainly in the field of family law. Forrest Mosten spoke about the benefits and challenges of this type of practice, as well as its perspectives. He focused on the fact that the “unbundling” contributes to a more peaceful resolution of disputes, while this should be the main goal in dealing with any legal matter. Last year, Mr. Mosten co-authored with another US lawyer, Elithabeth Potter Scully, published the “Unbundled Legal Services” book. For the first time among the ICCC participants, Mr. Motsen’s model of such client’s representation was introduced in 2015 in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, where the Consultation Competition was held. In general, the idea of ​​“Unbundled Legal Services” is very interesting and probably can be implemented also in Ukraine, especially in the practice of legal clinics, where students are quite limited both in terms of representation powers and time, as they are still combining studying and work in the legal clinic.

On the last Competition day there were two rounds – semi-final and final. In the battle against participants from Malaysia and Scotland, a team from the United States of America virtuously won. During the final gala dinner, all participants exchanged gifts and received certificates of participation.

Khrystyna Shevchuk, 3rd year student of the I.Malynovskyi Institute of Law, National University of Ostroh Academy, participant from Ukrainian team:

“Talking about International round of Brown-Moisten Client Consultation Competition, I was impressed by the mood of Competition and how well it was organized. Everything worked like a clock, meeting, lectures, consultations started and finished in exact time. Organizers prepared incredibly interesting activities for us. Atmosphere was friendly. This competition is firstly about cultural experience. At the beginning of competition we had some lectures which helped us to understand how different we are, but we are all united by a dream to become lawyers.

Personally, participation in this competition showed me that you should never stop what you have started. This one is my favourite competition because you get joy and satisfaction more from participating than even from winning. If I had an opportunity to be the part of the competition again, I would definitely do so!”

ICCC 2018 Pancake Cruise


Kateryna Valko, 4rd year student of the I.Malynovskyi Institute of Law, National University of Ostroh Academy, participant from Ukrainian team:

“Two weeks have passed after the 2018 ICCC, but I still cannot believe that I was so fortuned to participate in this competition. When I think about magical Dutch town Maastricht, I certainty remind a lot of moments, memories, which I would like to share with all Ukrainians. In general, I can say for sure that the ICCC is not a simple contest, it’s something much more. The purpose of this competition is to restore peoples’ friendship, to share experience not only in consultation, but also in moral and ethical aspects, to work, and at the same time, to rest in cultural diversity of people. I’ll never get tired to recount for hundreds of times in detail about daily events of the competition. Honestly, I love to do it again and again. But, unfortunately, here I have to be as laconic as I haven’t been before. Therefore, the main advantages of this competition, and why one should take part:

Firstly, international consultation is a great challenge. Still, you need not only to know all the provisions of law (in fact, if you even make a mistake in some term, etc. – you still have a chance to win). The ability to find a common language with the client is much appreciated there – in the direct and figurative meaning of the word;

Secondly, this competition helps to develop your creativity, and even take something from other teams, countries. In the future, it’s your style and legal face;

Thirdly, this is a great chance to meet new people! For four days one after another you will be surrounded by the same teenagers, so that’s why be sure that you won’t feel embarrassed, you won’t be in any way sad or bored;

Fourth, this is a best way to practice your English;

And fifth, it is a priceless life experience and also a lot of cool pictures.”

MU Law Faculty 2018, main entrance

Observations and Lessons Learnt:

The main emphasis of these Competitions is the ethical aspect of the lawyer’s work and the peaceful settlement of conflicts that arise between the parties to the legal dispute. This does not mean that the legal analysis and the quality of the primary legal advice are not taken into account, but the criteria of moral and ethical attitudes of lawyers between themselves, with the client and analysis of legal situations for observance of ethical norms are considerably more important;

Each panel of judges had at least one representative practicing psychology or social work. The organizers are convinced that such a composition of the jury favours the most objective evaluation of the teams according to the criteria;

Despite the fact that the organizers provide a certain isolation of teams from each other during rounds, the overall international round is not too formalized and is based largely on overall mutual trust and integrity;

On the first day it is quite appropriate to only conduct registration and introductory events. Due to this participants have the opportunity to relax, get to know each other, better tune in to future rounds;

The Competition Program should be designed in such a way that participants (students and trainers) who are not involved in the rounds at a given time have opportunity to attend other events – cultural or educational (tours, workshops, interactive classes, cultural events, etc.);

Structured and clear volunteers organization. The volunteer structure should include a senior volunteer, a volunteer responsible for logistics, judges’ support, ‘client’s’ support, and a specific volunteer for each team;

Perhaps the most important observation was that absolutely everyone who was engaged into the organization of the Competition absolutely loved what was happening and enjoyed every second of the process. That atmosphere was unbelievable!

Forrest (Woody) and Jody Mosten. © photo by Vava Arifin, Maasticht University


Acknowledgements and Gratitude

We would like to thank our University Ostroh Academy and everyone who helped our team to take part in the 2018 Brown Mosten International Client Consultation Competition 2018, as well as those who make this Competition possible from year to year. First of all, we thank dear Forrest S. Mosten and his wife Jody, Seline Mize, Steven Austermiller, Nancy Schultz, Larry Tepley, and Frank Astill, who for many years have invested a lot of their own efforts and time to ensure that the Competition is held at such a high level.

Finally, one of our greatest thanks goes to Jae Fernhout, attentive, punctual, strict (VERY ANGRY!:) and at the same time endlessly kind organizer of already two Competitions in Maastricht and his colleagues; Of course, we can’t forget to say Thank You to a team of friendly and caring volunteers and, in particular, our buddy-guy Ivan Gautama, and also Dwista Rasendriya, who also helped us a lot, and the patient and talented photographer Vava Arifin, who left us unforgettable 578 photos 🙂


Author and publication: Mariia Tsypiashchuk

Also interviewed: Khrystyna Shevchuk, Kateryna Valko

Photos: Khrystyna Shevchuk, Vava Arifin

20 Years of Legal Clinical Movement

20 Years of Legal Clinical Movement

Great event of celebrating anniversary of clinical movement of Ukraine took place in Kyiv on the basis of National university of “Kyiv-Mohyla academy”. During last twenty years members of our society were building network of legal clinics, were giving consultations and were taking part in legal empowerment of society by providing lectures in different establishments. But the most important achievement of our group is priceless experience, which our students can get in legal clinics all over the country. It was a pleasure to celebrate such an occastion in warm circle of colleagues and friends. We also send our best wishes to main heros of the day – the legal clinig of Donetsk national university and personally Mykola Udod, who celebrate twenty years of professional activity.

We also want to thank our partners, who managed to visit our event and celebrate this great day with us. We send out best wishes personally to Nataliya Stupnitska and Irina Ivankiv, representatives of OSCE project coordinator in Ukraine, Roman Romanov and Vasilina Yavorska, who represent International Renaissance Foundation, Ashot Agayan, representative of USAID FAIR Justice project, and Mykola Sioma, CEO of Ukrainian foundation of legal aid, who is premanent partner of our movement.

We can surely claim that our community become more gathered and purpuseful. During round table with symbolic headline “Legal clinics: 20 years of practical studying, legal protection and education in independent Ukraine” we had great opportunity to evaluate the results of our activity.